At one time, my computer and the internet passion made you to read here possible. My computer passion that started with game curiosity and than turned into hoby became hard by way of my architectural passion is stronger. I completed the Department of Computer , Department of Construction at SDU and Department of Arctitecture at IAU in 2014. Now I contiune Master’s of Architecture in ITU.

Now, I am a freelance architect, designer and curious computer wonk (with my skills – as metaphor bracalets on my arm.) At the same time, I am doing internet and technology counseling for private companies and architectural offices. I am creating the solutions with its price and with my saying, I am doing spatial, vital, algorithmic knowladge management and produciton.

That is the content of the services,

The Architecture

architectural projects and space design
measured drawing, researching the restitution and producing the restoration project.
Arctitactural analys, calculation of quantities and reporting
Prototype and model fabrication
3d visualization

The Internet

Web design and Project development
Producing solutions about internet ( just like consultancy)

The computer

İdea and algorithm development for network and programming, in a word ERP system development